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In this blog post, you’ll uncover the various ways the public speaking industry continues to thrive amidst the loss of live events.

It was just over a year ago when many public speakers started to feel the almost immediate impact of the pandemic wash over a once-thriving industry.

Many jumped to conclusions. “The speaking world will never be the same again.” “How am I ever going to continue my career?” “Back to the drawing board…”

It’s fair to say that the repercussions of a global pandemic on the speaking industry could certainly scare one into believing their livelihood was on…

We’re about to break down one of the most crucial elements that can make any talk successful. It’s going to sound really simple, yet it’s something that so many speakers either forget to do, or are just too lazy to even bother with.

Don’t be one of those speakers!

Instead…get to know your audience!

This is one of the best investments you can make with your time, and here’s why.

There will be points in your speaking career when you’re going to be asked to present at an event where the audience might be a group of people you’re not…

We coach a lot of public speakers in training, public speakers who are experts, and public speakers who don’t even know if they believe they can be a public speaker… And what’s a similarity we see amongst them? They’re all nervous about completely bombing their talk.

Whether they’re seasoned pros or haven’t even stepped on a stage before, it’s more often than not we see these people already doubting their outcome before they even get a chance to create it.

When we hear these irrational fears and nerves come creeping in right off the bat, our first response is to…

In this blog post, you’ll receive 5 simple steps that will help you become a stronger, more powerful, effective leader by honing your communication and public speaking skills.

When it comes to the discussion of how speaking makes you a powerful leader, we want to take a step back in time and start from the very beginning; when communication first emerged in humans and what it meant for life back then.

Looking back at the history of humans, as a species, we have thrived from the moment we started to develop language and verbal communication. Why? Because instead of previously…

What do you believe is one of the most important aspects of public speaking?

Your content? Your ability to memorize every word? Your confidence on stage?

Of course those are all points to keep in mind when you’re mastering the art of public speaking, but one of the most important aspects is actually storytelling.

The majority of speakers out there in the world today seem to believe that the most effective way to deliver a great speech is to cram as much information and as many facts as they possibly can into every last minute they’re on stage.

The theory…

In this article, you will discover the reality of Zoom Fatigue and how you, as a speaker, can help your audience overcome it.

With the recent explosion in the number of online meetings and virtual presentations going on in the world, a new phrase has begun to enter the popular lexicon: Zoom Fatigue. Have you heard of it?

Zoom Fatigue is a phrase used to describe the feeling people get when they have been sitting on too many virtual meetings. …

Do you ever get nervous before you have to give a presentation? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably yes.

There is usually a time before it’s your turn to speak where your heartbeat might start to increase, your breathing usually gets a bit faster, you might get butterflies in your stomach, your palms get a little sweaty…

Most speakers feel those physiological symptoms and immediately decide it’s because they are nervous. Elevated heart rate, rapid breathing, butterflies in the stomach, and sweaty palms are all symptoms of nervousness. But could they be symptoms of something else, too?

Becoming a social media influencer is one of the fastest-growing career aspirations in the modern world, and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to get paid hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for a single post on social media?

The problem is, many aspiring influencers seem to forget one key thing. If you want to be an influencer, you need to be truly influential! People look for shortcuts like paying for fake followers, clickbaity headlines, endless content that has little to no value…the list goes on. …

In this article, you will discover: why writing out your speech is flat-out counterproductive, and the best alternative to memorizing your talk in a way that helps you rock the stage.

Remember being in school, having to write out your presentation, and then having to memorize and rehearse it word for word? Remember how nerve-racking that was? How forced and unnatural it felt?

Well, we have great news…

You never have to do that again.

Writing out your talk and memorizing it is one of the worst things you can do for your presentation.

Whether you’re presenting at the office…

In this article, you’ll discover what goes into a successful TEDx Talk, and some tactics to help land you on the TEDx stage.

The TED Team puts it blankly: “TED is the place to give the talk of your life.”

Any speaker who dreams of making it in the world of public speaking has certainly dreamt of being on a TED stage.

As one of the most coveted titles to add to your speaker resume, the TED Team spends hundreds of hours researching and reviewing only the most inspiring, thought-provoking, and leading masterminds on the planet today for consideration when…

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